It’s been a great ride, and thanks for all the fish

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If you’ve kept up with me on Facebook or at LinkedIn you’ve noticed that a couple years ago I took on a role as Community Manager with Red Hat, Inc., and it’s become obvious that I’m utterly failing at giving proper attention to PublishandSell as an ongoing venture. So, without further ado let me announce the closure of this site.  I’ll try to sustain the site visibility as long as possible (including posts and comments), but user commenting and other interactions will be disabled indefinitely.

It’s been a fun journey, and I’d like to thank the hundreds of authors that I met through this period of disruptive publishing. We witnessed the dying throes of print, the birth of ebooks, the rise of self-publishing, and the dominance of social marketing–all in the span of 5 years. We embraced the opportunities and defiantly faced the challenges that this new world of publishing offered. And we did it together.

What a wonderful time to be an author, and my life is forever changed for the better because of the opportunity to serve so many of you as we strived for success with this new paradigm.

Continued best wishes to you all in your writing efforts, and till next time–keep publishing!

Henry Hutton

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