I like author Ray Connolly’s Approach to Publishing and Marketing. It’s Perfect for this Digital Age.

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There’s a lot I like about this author’s approach to publishing his new novel–such as releasing a new chapter for free over a period of 10 weeks, but also selling an ebook version for those that don’t want to wait. It’s these types of innovative approaches, along with online social marketing, that can help authors stand out from the crowd. I’m seeing it happen all the time, and it can work for you too!

As he discusses in The Guardian:

“… I’m now Ray Connolly, writer, editor-in-chief and head of marketing of Plumray Books, and any one of the 2 billion computer-owning people in the world who wants to read my new novel, The Sandman, can do so at the click of a mouse. It’s being serialised chapter by chapter on my website where, over the next 10 weeks, it will build like a part-work. In the words of a friend, I’m “doing a Dickens”.

Author Ray Connolly

What’s more, it’s free – although should any readers want to find out how the The Sandman ends before October, and hopefully quite a few will, they can download the entire book for less than the cost of a paperback. After that it will go on to Amazon.

With one digital bound, I’ve become an entrepreneur…” (Read More)

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