Barnes & Noble 3Q results don’t paint a rosy picture for the retailer

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As much as I appreciate Barnes & Noble’s efforts in the ebook space, I’m very concerned that they still haven’t found an answer for Amazon’s price aggressiveness and online-focused strategy. Will they find sustainable footing for a bright future? I’m just not seeing it at all.

Sure, they now have a new low-priced tablet device to compete with the Kindle Fire, but that news was over-shadowed by the company’s third-quarter profit dropping 14% due to higher expenses. And what does this uncertainty mean for readers, authors and publishers that benefit from working with Barnes & Noble? Although I do most of my purchasing at Amazon, Amazon needs a strong, robust competitor to keep them honest in providing fair prices for consumers and fair relationships with authors/publishers. So I hope B&N stays in the race for a while to come.

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